Saturday, December 20, 2014

People and Products: Consumer Behavior and Product Design

COMING: March 2015



 What they're saying about People and Products by A. J. Kimmel:

‘Kimmel introduces a key strategic alliance for the 21st century: consumer research plus product design. He builds a convincing case for this partnership through a delightful mix of intriguing examples, broad scholarship, and engaging insights.’ - Russell Belk, York University Distinguished Research Professor and Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing

‘At last, a book that lives up to its promised title, People and Products: Consumer Behavior and Product Design, and delivers on it. Today, people drive products, brands and markets more than ever before and it is important that Marketing takes this more seriously. Yet, Marketing can still be, and often is, a ‘one way street’ guised as a ‘two way’ approach. This book draws upon examples to describe each element of the title and the ways these interact. I also like the personalized, often 1st person narrative. This is a refreshing and educative read of modern-day Marketing.’ - Philip Kitchen, Research Professor in Marketing, ESC Rennes School of Business, France

About the Author

Allan J. Kimmel is Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe in Paris, France. He holds MA and Ph.D. degrees in social psychology from Temple University, USA. He has published extensively in the fields of consumer behaviour and marketing including articles in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology & Marketing, Business Horizons, Journal of Marketing Communications, and European Advances in Consumer Research, among others.

Stay tuned for excerpts from the book in coming posts...

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